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Artists Members

Grimandi Gallery on Columbus Ave. New York, offers the public a selection of top international artists, all of whom are entitled to exhibit their works at our annual exhibition and events during the year.

The Membership Process

Members are selected by submitting their applications after their first exhibition. Candidates are expected to have previously exhibited in one of Grimandi Gallery Exhibits as guests, after which they may apply for election to the membership.

The election of new members takes place by application only. The members all pay an annual subscription to Grimandi Gallery and they enjoy an array of benefits which include exhibiting their art in the gallery, publicity, career guide, and workshops, placing of their art in the Grimandi Gallery Online Shop and more.

Click on any member below to explore the artist’s gallery of works.

Gustavs Filipsons

Lina Faroussi

Ric Conn

John Nieman

Shifra Levyathan

Frans Frengen

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

Philip Noyed

Lawrence R. Armstrong

Wendy Cohen

Sveta Long

Howard Harris