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Ric Conn

Ric Conn

“My work is primarily figurative depictions of the female experience; I am inspired to speak up about inequality and social issues women often face in Western culture, focusing on their courage and beauty. I am committed and very passionate about my work on gender equality and female empowerment, two subjects that are sorely lacking in society.

My goal is to bring awareness to this problem and do my part to facilitate change. I am an international award-winning American Expressionist artist, inspired mostly by Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, Edvard Munch, Matisse and the German Expressionists.”

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Caption: ‘‘No Means No’’ Oil on Canvas, 36’’x24’’

Caption: “The Wall” Oil on Canvas, 36’’x24’’

Caption: “Unwanted Embrace” Oil on Canvas, 28’’x22’’

Caption: ‘‘What Makes you Think that is ok’’ Oil on Canvas, 36’’x24’’


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988 Colombus Ave, NY. 10025

Grimandi Art Gallery presents “HER BODY, HER CHOICE” – A Solo Exhibition by master Artist Ric Conn  


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988 Colombus Ave, NY. 10025

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