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John Nieman

John Nieman

John Nieman is a multi-faceted artist and writer. After decades as an international creative director for several large advertising agencies, John decided to reinvent his life and create original art and fiction.

He favors watercolor and pastel and has exhibited in dozens of galleries from New York to Tokyo. He has enjoyed many solo shows in Manhattan, St. Louis, London, Germany, Canada, Thailand, and Italy. He has been a regular at Art Basel and shown work in the Louvre. Lately, he has also created larger installations that have been shown in Miami, Hamburg, and New York City.

Often he combines words with his paintings, which gives viewers an added kick. As John likes to describe his work, he strives to create art that has an immediate impact and residual mental tickle.

In addition, he has published 26 books—everything from novels, to children’s books, to poetry to short stories.

The father of five children, he currently lives in Westchester County, just above Manhattan, NYC.

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Caption: “Wait Til Next Year” Watercolor, 30”x23”

Caption: “In One Basket” Watercolor, 20”x10”

Caption: “Flower Power” Pastel, 20”x16”

Caption: “Cactus Bubbles” Watercolor, 16”x10”


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