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An award-winning team committed to your success.

Representation Services.

The following services are provided as a full year representation agreement with Grimandi Art Gallery.

Honorary Membership

Artist receives membership to the network for twelve months.

Online Gallery

Online representation with a full online gallery of your works at for 12 months.

Art Consultation

Career guidance through professional art consultation.

Participation in Two Collective Exhibitions

Organized by the gallery. Your works will be display in our two annual exhibits at Grimandi Art Gallery. Each exhibition will run for a period of two months.

Works in the gallery

You may send up to six artworks total. Three on display and three to showcase for private viewings to collectors. Additional storage is available upon request.

Exhibition Services Included

Our professional gallery team handles everything for successful exhibitions including installation, opening night, promotion and sales as well as staff for the duration of the show.

Our services are very convenient and an exciting opportunity for professional and emerging artists and offer new possibilities to broaden their artistic career and curriculum. Services include:

Receiving, Storage and preparation for shipping and return of unsold works when needed. We will store up to six works for your convenience. We will also help you with storage should you need to participate in different events in New York City.

Exhibit installation, set up and dismantling.

Invitation Cards.

Opening Reception.

Press-release and promotion.

Marketing material, graphic design, and printing.

Pricing advice and sales support.

Full-time gallery attendance during exhibition hours.

Online event marketing.

Local flyer distribution.

Invitation to collectors mailing list.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Social Media Advertising Campaign in all partner platforms, ArtTour International Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page, Viviana Puello Gallery Instagram and Facebook page, Vivid Arts Network Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Page, Viviana Puello Linkedin, Create4Peace Facebook page, ArtTour International Eventbrite platform.

Online Exhibition Announcement and advertising with a full blog featured on the home page at the

Marketing and Advertising Services

Thanks to the Grimandi Art Gallerie’s exciting partnership with ArtTour International Magazine, we are able to provide a state-of-the-art marketing and advertising campaign.  Services included are:

Double page collective exhibition Ad in ArtTour International Magazine.

Social Media Marketing: The Show will be promoted on all social media platforms of ArtTour International Magazine.

Website Advertising: A full blog with a press release will be posted on the ATIM website.

ATIM.TV Episode Broadcast: A 3-minute video presentation will be published on the ATIM Web T.V. channel and the ArtTour International Show hosted by Viviana Puello (Awarded in 2018 and 2019 with the Public Media Awards of Excellence). The show airs every Thursday at 5:30 pm Spectrum 1993.

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