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Sveta Long

Sveta Long

A native from Russia, now based in North Carolina, USA, Sveta Long has a unique style given the name of “Faberge Art Deco.” Her work is a colorful nod to the Faberge eggs and Art Deco era. A walk into the innovative window of her work is a precious gift to all.

Long’s artistic techniques are a unique craft; she takes us into an imaginative world of play and craftsmanship drawing intricate lines, flowers, faces, and mermaids that catch the light to shimmer on vases, plates, fabrics, and eggs. She incorporates the use of kitchen appliances such as plates, cups, utensils, and a variety of objects to depict her abstract world.

Long has a love for all things that shimmer, and she brings her fresh new style to numerous things. What once was a form that was traditionally kept to elaborate and ornate painted eggs has expanded to multiple items. She began to recreate well known and highly desired Russian crafts, using designs that at some point were solely made for royalty. Her venture with this concept started at home, as she recreated and developed her household items.

The chances are that if you see a unique plate, fabric, vase, glass, or mug with intricate gold painting on it in the Faberge style, it might be one of Long’s works. The style brought to mind the admired vintage intricate glory of Russian nobility and their possessions, transformed and made fresh in a completely new and inventive New World style.The pieces are not only frequently 3-D, but pop out at you with vibrant and delicately contrasting colors, beautiful borders, and storytelling patterns. Such is the grand style of these Faberge and art deco items, which demand to be viewed and never go unobserved.

Long’s one of a kind creations, are colorful and vibrant in a sea of stuffy material things. Check out her stylish kettle adorned with elaborate snaking gold vines and white flower buds over a tea set that is a gorgeous shade of teal accompanying its viewer’s desires of elegance and expression. Her work is both functional and expressive art.

Whether it’s a long glass that you are drinking white wine out of or an immense plate that you are leaning against a wall in your home, Long’s creations are truly unique and inspired. Her hands get ahold of all mediums and materials to bring to life the warm quality she carries within. Whether fabric or glass, Long has transformed her love for this modern art deco style and made it entirely her own.

Something from the old world, a bit of the new world integrated all into one to take place and share space in the heart of many. Sveta Long’s top quality designs and creations compliment that of a polished hand and an eye for richness.

With a bit of Russian magic and a bit of American production, Long has burst onto the modern art scene with a bang. From vases to home sets, she brings a touch of Faberge Art Deco to everything she touches. Rooted from Faberge inspiration, applied to tangible objects– Long is bringing a whole new wave of functionality to an older traditional style.

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