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Lina Faroussi

Lina Faroussi

“In all my paintings, I work toward conveying emotions or ideas rather than a reality. There is always an inner dialogue in each of my artwork, reflecting human’s constant desire for evolving and prosperity. I paint primarily in acrylic combined with a variety of media, including fabric, Japanese paper, clay, sand, and photo transfers.
I can relate myself to expressionism and figurative art style! Most of my artworks depict human figures; it is dream figures reflecting real emotions.
Most of the time I work directly on my surface medium without a pre-planned sketch, sometimes I start with a specific theme or an idea and other times the idea reveals itself to me while painting! Each series of paintings mirrors a different state of mind, a spiritual moment, a doubtful moment, or an echo from the past. My work reveals many levels of emotion.”

Lina Faroussi.

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Caption: Veins Of Banyan 2 by Lina Faroussi

Caption: Birthplace by Lina Faroussi

Caption: Cocooned Memories by Lina Faroussi

Caption: Inner Vortex by Lina Faroussi


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