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Wendy Cohen

Australian artist, Wendy Cohen, creates vibrant and colorful abstract art with her focus on shape and geometric forms. She pays homage to nature by using collage, color, and texture to create a sense of fluidity and depth experienced in natural settings to form her abstract creations.

In Cohen’s textured mixed media paintings, she collages hessian elements, cardboard, photos, paper, and recycled materials. The materials she uses in her work direct our attention to caring about our resources’ intentional use in all we do.

Wendy Cohen’s style explores shapes, lines, forms, and colors in relation to natural and urban surroundings communicated in an abstracted language. Everything, in reality, is a conglomeration of shapes, and by integrating shapes into a cohesive body of colors and forms in conjunction with collage elements, Wendy aims to convey her poetry and harmonious rhythm to her paintings, developing playful imagery with a dynamic and inventive sensibility.

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Caption: Emerald Leaves Acrylic, paper, markers on wood panel board, 12"x12"

Caption: Colour Forms Hanging on a Mass of Lines Acrylic, paper, markers, on wood panel board, 12"x12"

Caption: Networked Through Osmosis Acrylic, markers on Ampersand board, 12"x12"

Caption: Diffusion, Acrylic, markers on wood panel board, 12"x12"


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