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Gustavs Filipsons

Gustavs Filipsons - Top Featured Artist 2023

“When painting,communicate the Inner Realm,cross the boundries of human mind , touch the Soul and find revelation through artwork.” – Gustavs Filipsons.

The sole intention and porpose of my work is to communicate with the unknown in our subconscious mind.To find the connection with our true selves which i believe is something common we all posess.Other goal is to create artwork that would be some kind of new,if not new,then original kind of work, expressing oneself in terms of artistical form inside abstractionism. I use oil color,spray paint,gloss,scratching,spray paint,acrylic,canvas,brushes- different widths and forms,spactel knives.Usually I paint layer on layer until the actual artwork emerges from different kind of forms and images.Most of the cases there is some originally found scetch on the bases of which i develop my workt.Its always found by some uncunscious way, unintentionally, but I still go further and develop it letting intuition lead me.The whole art process as such is intense and quick, but the finishing stage can take some time to accomplish.The technique is developed to let unintentional to become intentional,thats why it first hand appears a kind of brutal, because this process is like a volcano that sculpts.I am interested in the pure logic of interconnection of the certain images which had arroused unintentionally in the process of such painting, actually they have acquired certain logic.The same is about spaces and there relations in painting that seems flat for the untrained eye, but has deepness within.Images can cover images,even ten finished paintings sometimes can cover each oyher, until the actual artwork arises.

Dr.phil.Ingrid Gardill on my art: We appreciate this artist because he executes his paintings with open working methods and with techniques that he is always developing. His large-format, abstract paintings are convincing because of their radical formal language, which is characterized by vitality. Compositionally, he mostly dispenses with a “classical” structure, such as a pictorial center. Instead, he allows his forms to take on a life of their own, or sometimes they enter into a surprising connection with the depth of the background.His liveliness and joy of experimentation are always coupled with a virtuoso use of painterly gestures. Even if he is inspired by chance and open to novelty, he leaves nothing to pure chance, but guides his painting tools skillfully and with a sure hand. Lively gestures are withdrawn or additionally accentuated until an expressive form is created. Sometimes Gustavs Filipsons also takes stencils, which he intuitively surrounds with color in many layers. In doing so, he shifts them many times until the resulting structures show the right tension. The works are never boring, no two are alike. Moreover, his paintings dispense with a concrete message in favor of a kind of introspection.

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Caption: BIRTHPLACE, Oil, Acrylic, Spray Paint on Canvas, 40"x40" by Gustavs Filipsons.

Caption: BREATHING ESARTH, Oil on Canvas, 40"x40" by Gustavs Filipsons.

Caption: DREAMER, Oil, Acrylic, Spray Paint on Canvas, 51"x55" by Gustavs Filipsons.

Caption: TRAVELLER, Acrylic on canvas, 63"x63" by Gustavs Filipsons.


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