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“Save Our Planet” International Art Exhibition

SAVE OUR PLANET - International Art Exhibition

Welcome to the “Save Our Planet” International Art Exhibition at Grimandi Art Gallery

Embrace Art. Inspire Change.

This spring, be part of a profound journey at Grimandi Art Gallery with our inspiring exhibition, “Save Our Planet,” showcasing from April 19th through the end of May. Located at 988 5th Avenue, New York, NY, this exhibition is a rallying cry for environmental preservation expressed through the powerful medium of art.

Featured Artists

“Save Our Planet” proudly presents an exceptional roster of contemporary artists known for their unique contributions to art and activism. This select group includes:

  • Wendy Cohen: Known for her dynamic mixed media canvases that explore the interplay of shape and light, Wendy’s works invite viewers into a vibrant dance of colors and forms that echo the vitality of natural environments.
  • Wendy McNally: Wendy McNally’s artistry is a testament to resilient expressions, transcending personal tribulations through the eloquent language of paint and ceramics. Each stroke and sculpture reflects a journey of strength and introspection.
  • Tracey Chaykin: A master of colored pencil art, Tracey captures the delicate beauty of wildlife, urging us to consider the fragility of our biosphere.
  • Stephanie Elliott: With her vivid portrayals of Earth’s diverse landscapes, Stephanie’s paintings are a celebration of the planet’s beauty and a call to preserve it.
  • Barbara Tyler Ahlfield: Barbara’s fashion-inspired portraits bring a touch of glamour to the urgent message of ecological awareness.
  • Ric Conn: Ric’s paintings often depict human and animal subjects in symbiotic harmony, highlighting the interconnectedness of all living things.
  • Neela Pushparaj: Through her work, Neela advocates for the conservation of nature, using bold colors and dramatic contrasts to depict the urgency of our environmental crisis.
  • Gustavs Philipsons: Gustavs’ artworks focus on the grandeur of untouched landscapes, challenging viewers to reflect on their personal impact on the environment.
  • Howard Harris: Howard’s multi-dimensional images fuse technology and nature, creating an immersive experience that reflects on the complexity of human ecological footprints.

Why You Should Visit

Engage with art that not only captivates but also compels action towards a more sustainable future. Each piece in this collection serves as a poignant reminder of what we stand to lose and a call to protect our precious planet.

Don’t miss this impactful opportunity to experience how art can influence change and help secure a healthier planet for future generations.

Plan Your Visit

  • Opening Reception:
  • April 19th at 7:00 PM. RSVP here:


  • Exhibition Dates: April 19th – May 31st.
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday, 12 PM – 6 PM.
  • Sunday & Monday: Closed.

For more details and to book tickets, please contact us directly.

Join us at the Grimandi Art Gallery and see how together, through art, we can contribute to a sustainable future. Experience art. Protect our planet. Be inspired.

Event Details:

Start Date: APR/19/2024

End Date: MAY/31/2024

Location: 988 Columbus Ave, NY. 10025

Venue: Grimandi Art Gallery

Contact: 19293517934

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