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Artists Together for Peace – International Art Exhibition


“Artists Together for Peace” Exhibition: Join the Movement

🎨 Explore the Vision

Dive into a realm where art and purpose intersect. Discover the essence of “Artists Together For Peace” as Grimandi Art Gallery, in collaboration with Create for Peace, showcases a transformative exhibition that transcends boundaries. Each stroke tells a story, each color whispers of unity.

🌟 Meet the Visionaries

Get to know the artists behind the masterpieces. From seasoned creators to rising stars, each brings a unique perspective to the canvas of peace. Uncover their stories, motivations, and the shared dream that unites them in this global artistic movement.

• Bridgette Knower

• Chris Bush

• Dan McCormack

• Debranne Cingari

• Dida Andr

• Gustavs Filipsons

• Howard Harris

• Holly Liu

• Joel Shapses

• John Gambardella

• Judith E. Stone

• Lina Faroussi

• Lindsey Mctavish

• Marcia Raff

• Oriana Armand

• Paul Foropoulos

• Roy Rodriguez

• Sam Dobrow

• Sannie Guo

• Sergio Rapetti

• Silke Wolff

• Simona Lyriti

• Souad Haddad

• Sue Lorenz

• Suzanne Cross

• Tammy Novak

• Tracey Chaykin

• Wendy Cohen


📅 Save the Date: Opening Night Extravaganza

Mark your calendar for a night of enchantment and purpose. Witness the grand opening on December 15th at 7:00 PM, where creativity meets celebration, and every brushstroke resonates with the heartbeat of unity. Click below to RSVP and be part of this magical evening:


💌 You’re Invited: Be Part of the Dialogue

Join us, esteemed audience, in this celebration of creativity and purpose. Your presence adds to the vibrancy of a global dialogue for peace. Be part of the movement, stand with us, and let’s envision a future painted with the colors of unity.


EXHIBITION DAYS: DEC 14th, 2023 – JAN 20th, 2024. Tue-Sat 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, December 15th 2023, 7:00PM

Event Details:

Start Date: DEC/14/2023

End Date: JAN/20/2024

Location: 988 Columbus Ave, NY. 10025

Venue: Grimandi Art Gallery

Contact: 19293517934

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Map of the Event:

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