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LAYERED VISION – A Solo Exhibition by Master Artist Lawrence R. Armstrong

by Lawrence R. Armstrong
Come and see “LAYERED VISION” – A Solo Exhibition by Master Artist Lawrence R. Armstrong’s and be fascinated by his evocative paintings at the Grimandi Art Gallery 988 Columbus Ave. New York, NY 10025 until May 4th!
“My work, both in Art and Architecture, is an ongoing exploration of the concept of Layers. I have always been aware of, and fascinated by Layers in the Natural and Built Environment. Layers in Space and Time. Layers in Intellect, in Emotion. Synthesis and Interpenetration of Form, of Solid and Void, of Chaos and Order, of Simplicity and Complexity.”Lawrence R Armstrong, Artist



Opening Reception:

April 4th 6:00 p.m.

Event Details:

Start Date: Apr/03/2019

End Date: May/04/2019

Location: 988 Colombus Ave, NY. 10025

Venue: Grimandi Art Gallery

Contact: 19293517934

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