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Thanks for your interest in Grimandi Art Gallery. Our membership is based on eligibility upon approval from our curator Viviana Puello.

The process starts with an initial Zoom consultation where you will meet with Viviana over zoom for a complete review of your artistic practice. We will evaluate your current promotional efforts and discuss your goals. She will provide her expert advice, and constructive feedback, which will help you in your career.

Based on your discussion, she will also provide recommendations regarding your art career and how Grimandi Art Gallery can help with our selective services.

At the end of the interview, she will inform you of your approval for membership at Grimandi Art Gallery.

The initial consultation is 15 minutes. The art consultation has a service fee of $89.75. This fee will be credited to services you may choose from Grimandi Art Gallery.

Should you move forward and book your consultation with Viviana Puello, please use the form below.