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Metamorphosis. Colors & Healing – A Solo Exhibition by Master Artist Helen Kagan

Metamorphosis. Colors & Healing – A Solo Exhibition by Master Artist Helen Kagan

A holistic therapist and awarded artist, Helen Kagan Ph.D. uses bold, uplifting colors, geometric planes, thick textures, spiritual messages, and balanced energy to create her vibrant abstract compositions. A refugee from Russia, for over 20 years she’s been developing her unique concept “Healing Arts” to synergistically blend fine art, expressive arts, and the art of healing. Her distinct style incorporates her life experience to emphasize the healing power of art and her belief that trauma can be healed with beauty, positive energy, and self-expression. Her artworks reveal a skillful, vibrant, bold, and passionate use of color which is not only aesthetic but also therapeutic. The artist suggests that her style induces “a mind-body-spirit connection” that can result in physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Working in predominantly acrylic and oil on canvas, Kagan’s playful and dynamic artistic style evokes passion, freedom, intrigues the eye and elicits a joyful mood, while guiding a viewer into a healing journey by translating emotions into a visual form. In her own words -“… when a viewer is introduced to my art, healing happens in the experience of interacting with it. Like in music when we experience harmony or disharmony, “experiencing art” occurs on a deeper, visceral, level allowing deeper healing to take place…”

An ATIM Featured artist, Helen was selected as one of the Top 60 International Masters and is one of Top  collectible artists to invest in 2018. Her pieces will bring joy, awareness, well -being, and “Joie de Vivre” to collectors all around the globe.


Opening Reception:

Thursday August 16th 6:00pm

Event Details:

Start Date: Aug/13/2018

End Date: Sep/13/2018

Location: 988 Colombus Ave, NY. 10025

Venue: Grimandi Art Gallery

Contact: 16468504441

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